Swedish Full Body massage

£45 - 60 minutes

A full body massage to relax the whole body to help forget your day to day worries and release tension in the superficial muscles.  



£55 - 60 minutes

Sports massage is not just for athletes or sports people, ANYONE can have a sports massage! You may suffer from a recurring injury, troubles with your mobility or general aches and pains caused by posture and lifestyle.

Before your treatment you will fill in a pre screening form so your treatment can be tailored specifically to suit your needs.

When you arrive for your massage we will do a posture and movement assessment so we can be aware of any areas that may be causing you to have these aches and pains.

Sports massage consists of many different techniques that will be used to help ease your pains and enable you get back to doing your day to day activities without pain and allow you to move more freely.

Block booking s available

3 60 minute session £140



Alleviating those aches and pains both during and after pregnancy can be hard on your own! Maybe you had a treatment and was squeezed onto a chair when you really wanted to lie down and relax or given a touchy feely massage when you really wanted someone to get into the nitty gritty! No two pregnancies are the same so no two treatments should be the same!

If you are post natal we will look at your tummy to assess if you have a Diastasis Recti (tummy separation) and test it’s function, how you can look after it and make it stronger. Did you have a C-Section? No problem we can look at how you can take care of your scar.

Book in and we will go through what you need to come away feeling yourself again! 

90 Minutes £75 (first appointment)

 60 minutes £65 (follow up sessions only)


New mummy wellbeing package

This bespoke treatment starts with a pre screening form sent to you when you book, this allows you to tell me which areas you feel are in need of some TLC, the treatment to be tailored exactly for your needs and most importantly leaves more time for massage when you arrive for your treatment. 

We will begin by looking at both your posture and movement allowing me to recognise any areas that maybe causing your aches and pains.

We will then assess your tummy, checking if you have a Diastasis Recti (tummy separation) and if so we shall test its function, talk about how you can look after it and how to make it stronger. This will also involve looking at your breathing pattern and assessing whether it is the best it can be and not restricted after pregnancy.

We will talk pelvic floor, how to connect and activate them and how to stay strong through your core and pelvic floor during day to day tasks and most importantly how we can protect them. 

Did you have a C-Section? No problem we can look at how you can take care of your scar and also massage around the area if needed and most importantly if you are ready.

Most importantly you will be given some self care techniques to take home with you to ensure you have the tools to maintain the results from your treatment and gain control of the aches and pains.

All of this with a relaxing massage.

2 Hours