HCR®Every Woman

Our unique and ground-breaking 6 Week ‘Every Woman’ programme truly is a gift that keeps giving and one that EVERY WOMAN should give herself at least once in her lifetime!  Enjoy 6 weeks of education regarding your Pelvic Floor, Core, Nutrition and women’s fitness/wellness at whatever life phase you’re in.  The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.

Focus on my core made me feel more confident that I was regaining muscle strength post baby and less likely to have continence issues.
— Client

This programme as a 1-2-1 works the same way as the small group classes except it will be in the comfort of you own home! 


7 weekly 1 hour session (includes one 1 hour hands on assessment)


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I found it very educational and has also me more aware of what I need to do on a regular basis to restore my core and maintain it. Learning about of all the different elements that are involved in restoring the core not just the exercises which are expected. The holistic aspect was what I enjoyed the most.
— client